embedded 2D scanner module


Self-service equipment, brake machine products, retail, cashier POS, medical, mobile phone coupon, ticket check, pharmacy, lottery betting station, bank, etc.

    Product Description

    M10 is created with large angle fixed recognition device for reading screen , payment andcheck-in application.

    this product combines the leading image sensor technology, optical technology, an excellent performance on 1d/2d

    barcodes and powerful microprocessors,quickly identify 1d/2d barcodes with super wide Angle lens, large-screen mobile

    phone barcodes can be read easily.Simple design and excellent performance can provide users with extremely

    comfortable and convenient use experience.


    1. Intelligent image recognition technology adopts advanced optical design to provide high performance, high reliability

    and low power consumption.

    2. With white LED lighting, lighting function can be switched on or off by setting.
    3. Professional packaging technology with dust-proof and waterproof to extend scanner reading life.
    4. Support various size of phone screen, different brightness screen, big window view,
    5. 90 °* 115 ° Angle range.
    6. Soft lighting used to make the illumination of the scanner looks soft and not harsh.
    Support for various systems: LINUX, WINDOWS, Android.
    7.Support secondary development: different output connection mode, RS232, USB HID, USB virtual serial port.